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Website Building with WordPress

/ December 23rd, 2009 / Comments Off

I think I may have bitten off more than I could chew when I decided to rebuild my website.  I’m not a web designer by any means but I am pretty tech savvy and I certainly know what is involved in a website re-design project.  I did a fair amount of research into what technology to use to build my site, as there are many different options available.  Adobe DreamWeaver and Microsoft FrontPage among many others.

I decided that I would use WordPress to build my new site.  WordPress is primarily a blogging tool and web publishing platform.  It doesn’t require a ton of tech know-how to setup and install.  Everything you need is easily accessible via the web interface used to manage the site.  The other really cool thing about WordPress is that it’s free.  Yes, free.  Not something you hear a lot of in today’s business climate.

I certainly learned a lot during this project, so much so that I will be offering WordPress setup and hosting services to all my clients in the very near future.  How’s that for an endorsment.  The Internet needs to be used to build our businesses and WordPress is the perfect tool to help us accomplish just that.