Backup Data Offsite Services – Picking the Right Service for You

Backing up your data on your computer is very important.  Many people seem to think that their hard drives will be around forever, and then are surprised when one day they crash on them and they lose all their irreplaceable data.  The reality is, all hard drives are mechanical devices, with moving parts inside them, which means all HDD’s are going to stop working eventually.  The important thing is to make sure you are prepared for that time by making a backup of anything you deem priceless, anything you want to keep and don’t want to lose.  You can easily make a backup yourself and store it on a data disk or USB drive and stick it right next to your computer.  But what happens if your house catches on fire?  This is why you should look into backup data offsite services.

So what do backup data offsite services offer that you don’t get by just simply creating a backup yourself?  Well, other than being at an offsite location, meaning if your something happens to your home or place of work and destroys your computer, your backup, that is likely sitting right there next to the computer, will be destroy as well, whereas an offsite backup will remain intact.  Another plus is the ability to have backups created automatically, so you don’t even have to think about making the backup yourself.

With backup data offsite services, things like price, security, and how much space you are allotted are all important things to look at.  Here are some more details to look into before deciding on a service.  You want an offsite backup service that features an interface that is not only easy to use and navigate your way around in, but you also want one that is foolproof.  This will help to make sure there is no confusion when using the service and help avoid or at least minimize user error.  Many services will allow you a trial period before actually paying for the service, so get a feel for it and make the interface is clean and easy to work with.

Another thing to look for with backup data offsite services is that the data recovery process is quick, painless, and as easy as possible.  If you run the IT department of a big company, and it loses its data for whatever reason, time will be of the essence when trying to restore a backup copy.  Also make sure that only you have the ability to access your backup and not anyone else.