Remote Backup Solutions – Why You Should Store Your Backup Data Offsite

As hard drive capacities keep increasing, so does the size of the data that we use.  If you bought a computer back in the mid 1990’s, it probably had 1 gigabyte of hard drive space, but computers sold today will typically have 300 gigabytes or more of storage space.  Anyone who has a used a computer long enough knows that hard drives are doomed to fail at some point, and that it can happen at any time.  This is why we should always backup our data for when that day comes.  There are many methods available to do this, including remote backup solutions.

Anyone can create a backup right in their own home, whether it’s burning a data disk, or storing information on a thumb drive or external hard drive, any of these methods should work pretty well for the home computer user.  If you want some added protection, you can use a combination of any of those backup methods.  For the best backup protection possible, however, you should turn to a company that offers remote backup solutions.  This backup method allows you to send your data over a network to be stored on the backup service provider’s servers.

Remote backup solutions offer many benefits to those who choose to go this route, whether you are an individual person, or a giant company.  The biggest reason to use one of these services is because it allows you to have an offsite backup, so if your home or office is destroyed in a fire, you won’t have to kick yourself for leaving the backup you made sitting there next to the computer, as it will be destroyed as well.  It is a plus for bigger companies as well, as they often times have so much data that they consider important, that is nearly impossible for them to create their own backups without expensive data storage tapes.

Any company that offers remote backup solutions should have an interface that is easy to use and quick to navigate around.  They should also offer 128 bit encryption and SSL, at the very least, in order to ensure that while your data is being transported from your end to their servers, that no one can intercept it.  As far as pricing, most backup service providers will let you to choose from different options.  If you only require a small amount of space, you can pay per gigabyte of storage that is used or, you can buy a set of amount of space at a flat rate.