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I hate spyware. That’s right, I said it. I hate spyware. I have a really hard time hating anything in this world but spyware make’s it easy. We’ve all been infected with some sort of spyware, or its cousin malware, and understand quite well how difficult it can be to remove. The majority of the time it’s easier and less time consuming to just backup your data and re-install the operating system.

I have found some excellent tools to assist me in the removal spyware and I wanted to share them with you. The first tool I use is Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.  In my opinion it’s the best removal scanner on the Internet for several reasons.  Number 1, it works.  The infected files found are permanently removed and scan times are super fast.  Number 2, it’s small and unobtrusive.  The application itself does not slow down the performance of you machine.  In most cases it’s the only spyware removal tool i will need, but some infections are more stubborn then others.

The next tool I use is HiJackThis.  Spyware infections love to take over you web browser and send you to only sites they want you to see.  This is called “browser hijacking”.  HiJackThis scans your registry, startup locations and browser settings and simply lists all the contents, good or bad.  HiJackThis does a good job of linking to the web and informing you of what is potential spyware and what is not, so use caution when selecting the items you wish to remove.

The final spyware removal tool I use is CCleaner.   I’ve justed started using CCleaner recently and have been impressed with it’s performance.  It does a great job of clearing old registry items, browser history and freeing up hard drive space.  I recommend CCleaner as a nice preventative maintenance program to keep your PC running fast and smooth.

One other program I would recommend in closing is the free AVG Link Scanner.  I don’t even use traditional Anti-virus software on my PC’s, I use the free AVG Link Scanner.  It’s interacts with your web browser and let’s you know before clicking on a link if the site is safe or not. The majority of spyware finds it way onto your PC through browsing legitimate websites. Check out this video to see how it works.

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